Electronic communications from citizens must necessarily contain:

  • last name, first name, middle name or initials of the citizen;
  • address of the place of residence (stay) citizen;
  • Summary of the treatment;
  • e-mail address of the citizen.
  • E-handling entity must necessarily contain:
  • the full name of the legal entity, the location of the legal entity; statement of fact treatment;
  • last name, first name, middle name of the person authorized to sign the appeal;
  • e-mail entity.

Electronic messages need to be addressed within 15 days, and require further investigation and verification - not later than 1 month.
Responses to electronic communications are transmitted electronically to the e-mail address for electronic use, or in writing to the address of the place of residence (stay) a citizen or of the legal entity in the cases established by the Act of 18 July 2011 "On complaints of citizens and legal persons. "

The electronic form:

Not to consider the appeal on the merits, that (that):

  • is not made in Belarusian or Russian language;
  • do not contain the name, proper name, patronymic, place of residence (stay) citizen;
  • do not contain the full name and address of the legal entity of its location, name, proper name of the CEO or a person duly authorized to sign the appeal (for legal entities);
  • contain text that is impossible to read;
  • contain abusive or insulting words or expressions;
  • subject to review in accordance with the legislation on constitutional proceedings, civil, civil procedure, economic procedure, criminal procedure law, the law which determines the order of the administrative process, the law on administrative procedures or in accordance with the legislation of the other procedure for submission and consideration of such appeals;
  • ask questions that do not relate to the competence of the Ministry of Communications and Informatization;
  • missed without good cause for filing a complaint;
  • resubmit the request if it has already been considered on its merits and it does not contain new evidence relevant to the consideration of the appeal on the merits;
  • discontinued correspondence with the applicant.