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Reception of citizens on private matters


foreign economic activity


Phone +37517 245 35 03, fax +37517 245 29 01, E-mall:

Our address is:

220037, Minsk, Annayeva St., 49.

Network of branches throughout the Republic:

Conduct a "hot line" in OAO "Belsvyazstroy"

Deputy general director mode Телефон
Melnikov Gennadiy Vasilevich Third Wednesday of each quarter 8.00-11.00 245-37-21

When you call to "hotline" the citizen must present their surname, first name, middle name (if any), the data of the place of residence and (or) work (study), and the representative of a legal person - name, first name, middle name (if available), the name of the represented entity and its legal address, brief them on the treatment.

Reception of citizens on private matters

Personal reception of citizens on matters within the competence of the Open Joint Stock Company "Belsvyazstroy", is the CEO, the first Deputy CEO and Deputy CEO.

On a personal welcome to sign up by phone 245-35-03 with the Secretary of the receiving head of "Belsvyazstroy." In this case, you must specify the surname, name of the applicant, phone number, address, a brief summary of the question to which of the officials and for what specific number according to the schedule reception

  Rak Ivan Melnikov Gennadiy

general director

Days and hours
First Tuesday of the month 07.30-10.30

First deputy general director

Second Thursday of the month 07.30-10.30

deputy general director

Third Wednesday of the month 07.30-10.30

Registration by phone 8-017-245-35-03

Schedule of citizens reception in the branches of "Belsvyazstroy" located on the pages of the branches.

An oral treatment citizen must present a document proving his identity. If the question posed in the oral treatment, can not be resolved during a personal admission, treatment must be stated in writing to the citizen and will be reviewed in accordance with the laws.

Book of the comments and suggestions of "Belsvyazstroy" is the secretary of the reception manager.

Your comments and suggestions to improve the work with citizens, as well as other matters relating to the activities of "Belsvyazstroy" can be placed via the "Contact Us" located on the site of "Belsvyazstroy."

Normative References:

foreign economic activity

JSC "Belsvyazstroy" is looking for potential customers of non-resident of the Republic of Belarus for the construction of communication facilities. To this end, cooperation agreements on joint participation in tenders and project services, construction and assembly works with companies of the Russian Federation:

September 16, 2011 the Board of noncommercial partnership "Self-organization" Inter-regional association of builders' decision on the admission of "Belsvyazstroy" in the Partnership and a certificate of admission to the performance of work for external links on the territory of the Russian Federation.

On the territory of the Russian Federation to carry out the work of "Belsvyazstroy" started in 1999.

   With JSC "Erickson Nikola Tesla" of the Republic of Croatia "Belsvyazstroy" collaborating since 1994. 

   In 2012, OAO "Belsvyazstroy" carried out the export of services for the residents of Belarus in the amount of 895.7 thousand U.S. Dolar, including:

  •             under contract with "Express system T" "Complex construction and commissioning works on the construction fragment the network using FTTB technology in Tula" in the amount of U.S. $ 91.3 million;
  •             under contract with JSC "Regionstroy" (Moscow) on the construction of a network fragment on FTTB technology in Bryansk, Smolensk, Kaluga and Tula in the amount of 804.4 thousand U.S. dollars.

Imports of services

Russian Federation - 46.6 thousand U.S. dollars.

Contact: Deputy Head of the Production Department of the

Pimoshenko Mikhail

Phone: +375 17 245 27 31


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