Branch number 8 of "Belsvyazstroy" - 45 years

October 1, 2013 marks 45 years since the founding of the branch number 8 of " Belsvyazstroy ." The main purpose of the branch was the construction and expansion of telephone networks.

Over these 45 years has become a major branch of specialized construction and installation company that performs almost all kinds of work on the construction of communication networks .Over the years, professionals built the branch network of a total capacity of more than 600,000 hotel rooms in the city of Minsk , towns and cities across the country, laid cables of different types of more than 80,000 kilometers, built more than 50,000 kilometers of telephone conduit , has more than 40,000 concrete wells. The main customers of the branch number 8 are the enterprises of the Ministry of Communication and Information, businesses and organizations in Minsk. Therefore, any corner of the city is invisible imprint of decent work employees of the branch number 8 - all important capital construction projects can not do without the participation of the branch . Currently, it is a reconstruction of streets, squares , building interchanges , installation of off-site networks neighborhoods Masyukovschina , Stone Hill .

The branch number 8 of " Belsvyazstroy " fully equipped construction equipment , instrumentation, has highly qualified professionals who shoulder the objects of any complexity. Branch participated in the construction of these unique objects , as " National Library of Belarus", " indoor football arena ", " train station with an underground level and integrated landscaping forecourt ", " Minsk Metro ", " Multi- cultural and sports complex " Minsk -Arena "" Chizhovka arena" .

Currently , work is underway on the construction of new generation networks on the technology of passive optical networks xPON.