About company


Open Joint Stock Company "Belsvyazstroy" of the Republic of Belarus for over 49 years has been operating in the field of communication in the territory of the Republic of Belarus is one of the largest firms in the industry.

This highly profitable, technically equipped Society, which has an extensive network of branches, which are located in all regional centers of the Republic of Belarus and the city of Polotsk. All locations have repair shops, workshops with high levels of equipment, large fleet of road vehicles, bulldozers, excavators, cable layers, Asphalt and other construction equipment. There is industrial production, which produces concrete products, metal products, non-standard equipment, plastic products.

Construction works are carried out by highly qualified specialists using modern technologies used by leading companies in Europe, with the use of modern instrumentation. His work in the field of communication we provide on the basis of licenses with the right to perform the following activities:

  1. Construction of networks, systems and structures of local telephone service, PBX zonal, national and international telecommunications, broadcasting, fixed, mobile, cellular radio, data transmission networks, distribution systems, television receivers, dispatch communication and telemetry.
  2. Maintenance of networks, systems and structures of local telephone services, radio and television reception systems, control tower communications, telemetry, PABX.

Our capabilities

During his time on the market of the country and its chapels of our specialists built about 23 thousand km long-distance cable lines, more than 8 thousand kilometers of fiber-optic communication lines with modern technologies, and commissioned more than 1,500 ATC sites with a total capacity about 2800 ths number number with linear structures. Forces of the Company's construction units made of telephones, radio, telefikatsiya the vast majority of rural and urban settlements of the republic.

We are proud of the participation in the construction of these unique facilities like the National Library, the international switching center, callout lines with stains of the Minsk subway station construction, reconstruction, squares, streets and intersections of the capital and other cities of the country, the organization of technological communication along the M- 1 Brest - Moscow, "Druzhba" pipeline, telecommunication systems of buildings and structures of the republic, such as w / w station in Minsk, the Palace of the Republic, sports complexes "Raubichi", "Silichi", etc.

of "Belsvyazstroy" has all the necessary features to build data networks, both local and corporate building on the basis of modern information technology (IP). An example of this is the construction of telecommunication networks of the main information center of the republic - State Library.

We are interested in cooperation with domestic and foreign investors for the implementation of joint projects in the field of telecommunications.

and Technology

"Belsvyazstroy" technically equipped enterprise, on the balance sheet which has all the necessary equipment for the construction of linear and station facilities of any telecommunications systems. The structure of technical park includes about 200 units of tractor, earth moving machinery and gruzopogruzochnoy, more than 320 vehicles of all modifications both special and general purpose, there is a sufficient number of special mechanisms: the cable-laying, conveyors, Asphalt, etc. We own the technology for routing cables through the obstacles closed method. All teams are equipped with labor-saving devices, power tools, fixtures and electrical measuring instruments. Technique is spread over the country in the branches that have a repair shop and workshops with high levels of equipment. It enables operational maneuver, mobility, reduce costs and terms of the preparatory period and the main building.



The Company shall be:

- general meeting of shareholders;

- The Supervisory Board;

- Board of Directors and CEO.

Management is a collegial executive body, is accountable for all aspects of its activities Meeting of Shareholders, the Supervisory Board and acts within the powers defined by statute, the shareholders' meeting, the Supervisory Board. Director General of the Directorate is headed, organizes its work and presides over its meetings. Monitoring the activities of "Belsvyazstroy" performs the audit structure.

The administration of the senior specialists, departments and services performed:


- Chief Accountant;

- Chief Economist;

- the economic planning department;

- Accounting - Human Resources Specialist;

- the chief legal adviser;

- Accountant Auditor.

First Deputy General Director:

- the main expert on occupational safety and health;

- Production Department.

Deputy Director General:

- Service of social development;

- technical service;

- Production Laboratory;

- chief mechanic.

The structure of "Belsvyazstroy" consists of 8 branches set up to carry out economic activities on behalf and in the interest of the Company aimed at profit outside the place of business of the Company. Subsidiaries are separate subdivisions that do not have legal personality. The branch has a separate balance sheet and provides all types of business activities in the Charter Company, the subsidiary and operates on the basis of authorization under the conditions of economic independence and property liability. Leaders affiliates is Director hired on a contract basis and vacated the CEO in consultation with the Supervisory Board.

Branches geographically closer to customers and are located:

- branch number 2 Vitebsk, per. Advanced, 3;

- branch number 3 Gomel, Bypass Road, 20;

- branch number 4 Mogilev, 1st wafer lane 1;

- branch number 5 Brest,. Red Guard, 106;

- branch number 6 Grodno, ul. Proletarian, 89;

- branch number 9 Polotsk, st. Serafimovicha, 16;


Team of "Belsvyazstroy" works under the motto: "Providing high quality of work, energy, health and safety, environmental protection and the preservation of health personnel - the key to the successful functioning and well-being of the organization, you and your family." The current Integrated Management System (QMS + EMS + OSH) dates back to 2003 when our specialists developed and implemented a quality management system construction line and station communication facilities. At present JSC "Belsvyazstroy" certified RUP "BelGIM" conformity of the QMS requirements of STB ISO 9001-2009. Action QMS is confirmed by annual re-certification and inspection checks carried out by RUE "BelGIM." The systems approach inherent in the enterprise standard, opened the possibility of effective management of all activities of the company.

Important stage in the activity of "Belsvyazstroy" was the collective appropriation of the title of Winner of the competition for the Prize of the Government of the Republic of Belarus for achievements in the field of quality in 2008 (Council of Ministers of 11 December 2008. № 1906). The requirements for the quality of products, works and services at all stages of the life cycle of the product installed in the regulatory, technological and project documentation. Quality control is carried out at all stages of the construction industry. At construction line and station communication structures it in a linear and technicians affiliates, employees and representatives of the industrial laboratory consumer. These workers monitor compliance with the quality requirements of the projects, rules and regulations, building codes and regulations (SNIP), specifications, operating in the Republic of Belarus of standards (GOST and STB), the timely registration of acts on the hidden work. The set of interrelated surveys of construction works allows to detect deviations from the specified performance and prevent poor quality of work performed. On the part of the consumer control the quality of construction works carried out during the construction period specially designated for this purpose by the person - technical supervision, the purpose of which the order is issued a consumer.

Mandatory inspection of the control with the participation of the consumer in the course of construction shall be subject to:

- structural components and elements of the line and station communication structures that are subsequently executed the final work will not be available for inspection without opening;

- laying parallel sections and intersections constructed space of linear structures due to the structures of other underground utilities.

To construction and installation work on the construction of the line and station communication facilities must meet the following basic requirements for quality assurance:

- providing reliable uninterrupted communication;

- no cracks and distortions;

- the stability of the electrical parameters;

- protection circuits against mutual and external interference;

- Protection against lightning strikes;

- reliable protection against all types of corrosion;

- ease of maintenance;

- efficiency of the communication system.

of "Belsvyazstroy" welcome the initiative of the customer in respect of the implementation of their objects-edge technology to ensure high quality performance communication structures.


After the war, the restoration of communications and radio workers engaged in businesses operating in small areas, in their ranks. Since 1951, in Minsk and Mogilev, and since 1954 in the rest of the regional centers of these areas have been transformed into a construction and installation of radio control (Smouri) to the Directorate of broadcasting networks (DRTS). The move was dictated by the need to solve the problem of special political importance of creating conditions for ideological work in the areas liberated from the Nazis, especially in rural areas. While labor-intensive work on the construction of overhead lines by hand with the involvement of a large number of unskilled temporary workers. Installation of plant equipment of small capacity PBX carried out mainly by the operating personnel. Work on installation of technically sophisticated equipment transferred contractors Ministry of Communications of the USSR or other agencies. Meanwhile, rapid post-war reconstruction of the national economy and the increasing public demand for telecommunications services and radio, it is strongly demanded for radical measures. In 1964, at the request of the Ministry of Communications of the Republic Belorussian government adopted a decree on the establishment of specialized trust for the construction of communication facilities "Belsvyazstroy." Pursuant to the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Byelorussian SSR from 18.01.1964, № 23, the Minister of Communications of the BSSR Afanasiev PV issued an order number 45 of 26 March 1964 "On the organization of the trust" Belsvyazstroy "Belorussian Ministry of Communications." In paragraph 2 of this order number was written: "To convey the trust" Belsvyazstroy "exist in the areas of SMU with all the basic tools and materials, money funds as of April 1, 1964." This date is essentially the date of the organization of trust "Belsvyazstroy." The same order of construction and installation of radio control in regional centers transformed into a specialized building and construction management (SSMU) specialized trust "Belsvyazstroy." August 15, 1973 by order of the Minister of Communications of the BSSR in the management of the trust was organized by the Production and Processing Equipment (UPTK) spectrum of industrial activity UPTK included one-time execution of applications, the production of small-scale production on-demand communication companies and their contractors and serial production of reinforced concrete, hinged construction , plastic products, chemical products for installation of communication cables, fully equipped with wooden poles and cross-arms overhead lines. In 2013, the branch UPTK eradicated and on its basis, industrial production was organized as part of the branch number 8. In the 49 years of its existence, the trust took the difficult path of becoming a powerful specialized contracting organization that is capable to solve any problems for the construction of line and station communication facilities. In 1991, the Trust has been converted into rental trust "Belsvyazstroy", and from 20.12.1996 years - into a joint stock company "Belsvyazstroy" (JSC "Belsvyazstroy"). Over the years, organizational transformation Trust technically re-equip. Today "Belsvyazstroy" highly profitable, technically equipped company with an extensive network of branches, which are located in all regional centers of the Republic of Belarus, Polotsk and Minsk. All locations have repair shops, workshops with high levels of equipment, large fleet of road vehicles, bulldozers, excavators, cable layers, Asphalt and other construction equipment. Work on the construction of a highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in using modern technology.